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Dumping On Our Descendants

By Gus Tyler

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The Bible says that the sins of the parents will be punished on the children, yea unto the seventh generation. The “sins” we are committing are embodied in the ever-mounting debt that our generation is incurring that will have to be paid off by our kids and their kids and so on and on. The debt is accumulating at an incredible rate.

Official sources inform us that the cost of our war in Iraq comes to $528 billion. There will be a projected $70 billion more for 2009.

Contrast this with the situation when Clinton left office. The budget was almost in balance. Actually, it was in balance if the so-called “off budget” budget was added to the “on budget budget.” The “off budget” budgets are the Social Security Trust Fund and the Postal Department that are independent entities whose surpluses may not be used to defray ordinary expenses.

Our present backbreaking deficits were brought on by two persistent policies of the Bush administration. The first policy was the sharp reduction on taxes from wealthy individuals and corporations. The reasoning of the Bush administration was that by enriching the rich, the beneficiaries would have the money to employ more people and startup or expand existing businesses.

If this “drip down” theory of the way the economy works were valid, the American economy should now be flourishing — which it isn’t. To make matters worse, the Bushies decided to declare war against Iraq, with imulti-billion dollars in additional expenses.

And now the sins of the fathers are about to be visited on their children and children’s generation for who knows how long.

Irene Ostroff Thu. Mar 27, 2008

Dear Mr. Tyler: I would like to write you a personal letter concerning the pamphlet you wrote "A Vital Voice, 100 Years of the Jewish Forward." How best to reach you? Shalom, Irene Ostroff

N. Meyerson Mon. Aug 11, 2008

Bestowing tax breaks upon the affluent does not engender the "trickle down" effect but, to the contrary, it engenders the "syphon off" effect. Ease the tax burden of the the lower end of the economic ladder and you'll engender the "percolate up" effect.

Dawn Cockrell Thu. Oct 23, 2008

Dear Mr. Tyler, Do you have an email address that I could contact you through, regarding a class project I am working on. We are working on an oral presentation on one of your articles on globalization and labor. I'd love to get your thoughts and some background information. You seem to have a facinating life and some strong views. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Dawn

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