The Jew And The Carrot

Trick or Treat, Jewish Deli Style

By Hadas Margulies

Photograph by Liza Schoenfein

Today’s the day to get your black and orange on — and that includes food.

You want to be festive, but you may not want to overindulge completely. Get ready to kill two birds with one two-toned stone. Well, at least with one two-toned cookie.

I give you my recipe for vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free black-and-orange cookies. While they may sound dry (pun intended), the coconut-based frosting lends a satisfying sweetness to the whole-grain-based cookie.

These treats are also versatile. Where I used soy milk, feel free to substitute your favorite nut milk. For the sweetener, I went with blackstrap molasses, but maple syrup or agave nectar would work as well. If you’re looking for a lighter-colored cookie, opt for light agave.

There’s also some flexibility in your choice of flour. You can use a pre-mixed gluten-free flour (Bob’s Red Mill makes a good one), or else combine arrowroot starch with millet or amaranth flour — two of my favorites, both for their fluffy consistencies and their health benefits. If you’re blending millet flour yourself, just be sure to blend until the millet becomes a fine powder. This will keep the cookies from being grainy.

And my Nana says Halloween is for pagans…

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Confession: I have a Secret Snack Stash

By Edward Angert


I work for the largest Jewish environmental organization in the United States. The kind that has a written food values policy which outlines the steps we, as an organization, take to ensure that the food we serve to our guests, participants, and each other is kosher, ethical, healthy, delicious, and a conversation starter.

Why then, do I have a five-pound bag of Halloween chocolates in my desk drawer?

Because somewhere around 4pm, it’s time for chocolate. And I don’t mean the good-quality, fair trade, dark chocolate (I keep that hidden in a different drawer), I mean that sugary, processed, preservative-laden, “exactly what I wanted right now” chocolate.

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