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Commentary Mag Takes a Stab at Why Jewish Women Hate Palin

By Debra Nussbaum Cohen

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The last time I paid much attention to Sarah Palin was in July, when she announced that she would resign as governor of Alaska. Her speech was mesmerizing. Not, as you might hope from a former candidate for vice president of the United States, for the skill of her rhetoric or substance of her ideas, but rather, because it was as odd, disjointed and disorganized as the rest of her media appearances.

Now we have a chance to again consider Ms. Palin, thanks to a new article in Commentary magazine by Jennifer Rubin, titled “Why Jews Hate Palin.” (Tip of the sheitel to Gawker)

Rubin, in her piece, attempts to parse the reasons.

She says:

While Palin enjoys support from some prominent Jewish conservatives, it is not an exaggeration to say that, more so than any other major political figure in recent memory (with the possible exception of Patrick J. Buchanan), she rubs Jews the wrong way.

Palin rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

Rubin singles out Jewish women as a category, tossing off our dislike of Palin (as if it were any different than any other woman’s) as being part of that reductive category of female-ness, “emotional:”

Naomi Wolf, the feminist writer, sputtered that Palin was the “FrankenBarbie of the Rove-Cheney cabal,” articulating the mixture of contempt and fear that seemed to grip many Jewish women. The disdain is palpable and largely emotional.

Actually, Ms. Rubin, here is why this Jewish woman does not like Palin: She is dumb. How silly of me to want my elected officials to be intelligent and capable of articulating their ideas in ways that make sense.

Rubin asks:

What is it about Palin that so grates on American Jews? Rarely does one hear an American Jew reply, “I don’t like her position on health care” or “I’m pro–gay marriage and she isn’t.” This is not just about differences over issues or party labels. There is something more fundamental at play.

Sadly, Ms. Rubin, it was usually impossible even to get to the issues with Palin because when it came to her responses to simple questions, we heard the howling winds of an empty tundra rather than anything meaningful.

Rubin goes on to again generalize, but this time Jews, and not just Jewish women:

[Palin], like Bush, soft-pedaled her intellectual interests—and, more important, suggested that her policy views and problem-solving abilities were derived not from what she had learned in books but rather from character and instinct. For those for whom an Ivy League education is the essential calling card for leadership of any sort, an elite-bashing populist with a journalism degree from the University of Idaho who lacks both a mellifluous grasp of policy and a self-consciously erudite vocabulary was always going to be a hard sell.

Rubin derides “the successful effort to paint her as a know-nothing lightweight with a stunted vocabulary.” Sorry, Ms. Rubin, the only person holding the paintbrush to her reputation was Palin herself. At least Rubin accurately describes one of Palin’s interviews with Katie Couric, calling it “disastrous.”

During the course of it, Palin appeared miffed when asked to name her favorite news publications. Whether this was evidence of her lack of interest in reading and current events or whether it was a display of intellectual modesty (she would later say she refused to answer out of irritation), Jews found such reticence hard to fathom and quickly came to believe it was not reticence but utter ignorance. When rumors circulated that she had “banned books” (she had not), that image became intensified, as pro-Obama media outlets suggested ominously that she was not simply lacking in sophisticated book learning but was literally anti-book.

Silly us for wanting a vice president who reads.

For more of Palin’s tidbits, check out this website.

Speaking not just for Jewish women but for women on both sides of the political aisle, Ms. Rubin, let me tell you how hungry we are for a female candidate for President or Vice President who is up to the job, and how disappointing it was to see a female vice presidential candidate put forward who was exceedingly well-packaged and well-coiffed, but horrendously incapable of answering the most basic questions.

Was she the best-qualified woman the Republican party could find to put forward? Why don’t you write a piece examining that?

Of course, if your idea of a good time is to spend time with those who like Palin and share Rubin’s idealogical perspective, you can always join her, John Podhoretz and other speakers on Commentary’s upcoming “Conference of Ideas” cruise to Alaska.

Wave hello to Palin for me while you’re there. And if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even be able to see Russia!

Norman Wed. Jan 6, 2010

I think you put your finger on it. She's dumb. Really dumb.

Lisa B Wed. Jan 6, 2010

Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of non-Commentary readers, although I have a strong urge now to head over there to comment on this.

What I find most offensive about this article isn't the "why don't (those lefty, bra burning, liberal) women like Palin" routine. It's an old shtick heard all over the right used to play to their base. What really stands out is that if you disregard the source and just look at the text it wouldn't look out of place on Stormfront. How low does the right, including the Jewish right have to go? Or is willing to go?

And for the record, this Jewish woman dislikes Palin because a. she's dumb, b. the right wing machine doesn't have the decency to admit it and c. because she kept waving Israel as if saying she supported it meant instant approval devoid of any sophistication or actual knowledge.

Lisa B Wed. Jan 6, 2010

After reading Rubins article, I had to return. The author just hates Jewish women, period. According to her not only are we effete, intellectual snobs but we routinely sacrifice our less than perfect young on the alter of our (supposedly) upper class lives. Sickening.

Nicole Thu. Jan 7, 2010

You bring up some great points. Its no great mystery why anyone would dislike Palin. Woman probably can't even affix a diffuser to her hair dryer.

Judy BF Thu. Jan 7, 2010

Right on, Debra!

Steady Eddy Thu. Jan 7, 2010

The opinion of Ms. Rubin is that Sarah Palin is dumb and that is enough reason for Jewish women to "hate" her? What a snobbish, elitist view of the World. Reminds me of the attitude of most of the print media and telemedia toward us common folk. Purportedly, we now have a bunch of highly intellectual people in leadership positions at the Federal level. Thus far after one year I am not totally impressed with their accomplishments and/or leadership. Don't worry all of you Palin haters. It is very doubtful that she will ever win the Presidency.

Bill Pearlman Thu. Jan 7, 2010

Lisa: Palin was elected governor, wasn't anybody's wife or daughter. She walks the walk on abortion, and she's pro-israel. Obama is tied up with Wright, Khalidi, Ayers. He is most assuredly not pro-israel and feels the need to prostrate himself before the Saudi king. Give me Palin anytime. But let me ask you this, and big norman. Why is she dumb. And why isn't Biden, who said that Roosevelt got on TV to calm the nation after the 29 crash an idiot. Enlighten me.

Sarah Thu. Jan 7, 2010

What intrigues me about all of this is that the whole idea of analyzing "why ____ hate Sarah Palin" reminds me of Hillary Clinton. I have some memory of a magazine - Time, maybe - running a cover story survey asking people whether they "love" or "hate" Hillary. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem like these discussions are even brought up about male political figures. Real or imagined, there seems to be at least a perception of these extreme emotional reactions (after all, "love" and "hate" are inherently emotional terms) towards female candidates. I don't know what to say about that, except that I find it intriguing.

w. manison Thu. Jan 7, 2010

Bill Pearlman is a Jew for Jesus, which explains his attraction to Palin.

taragin Thu. Jan 7, 2010

Palin is a poster girl for the phrase "goyishe kop".

Bill Pearlman Thu. Jan 7, 2010

No, i put Judaism above liberalism or secularism. Lisa and Norman should try it sometime ,you too.

Raymond in DC Thu. Jan 7, 2010

She was smart enough to hold her own in the VP debates against Joe Biden despite his decades in the Senate. For a foreign policy "maven" he tossed a number of howlers the media failed to call him on. And if she's so dumb, how did she manage to score that pipeline deal with the energy majors that none of her predecessors could?

I could also ask how that "brilliant" Obama could be so wrong so often. Wasn't it, well, dumb to think a community organizer with a law degree and little experience was fit to serve as President?

Writer in Queens Thu. Jan 7, 2010

@Bill Pearlman: We could argue day and night over which political figures are good for Israel and which are bad, but I'm among those who are certain that Obama is good for the Jewish state. He's surely better than Bush, whose invasion of Iraq did as much as anything else to strengthen Iran, removing its most bitter enemy from the scene. And, if you read the Forward, you'll know that Israeli officials are praising the Obama administration for increasing security cooperation between the U.S. and Israel.

All that aside, though, the issue here isn't the 2008 election, isn't who's better and who's worse than Palin, and isn't who else, besides Palin, may or may not be stupid. The issue here is Palin, a figure whose lack of coherence is remarkable for a political leader, who attended a half-dozen colleges before completing her degree, who had to be closeted by McCain's aides for fear that she'd outdo herself in stupidity, who can't come up with the name of a single newspaper she reads and who resigned her gubernatorial post in midstream. That someone like her was even contemplated for the vice-presidency -- instead of another right-wing woman with a record of hard work, brains and experience -- is the height of cynicism.

I have no idea whether you're a "Jew for Jesus," as someone else on this site commented. But I know chutzpah when I hear it -- and that comment of yours about putting Judaism above liberalism is the height of chutzpadik coming from someone who puts his right-wing views way above not only Judaism, but a sense of decency.

David Thu. Jan 7, 2010

Although, the overiding theme of the article and the comments is that Palin's intelligence is the issue the vitriol displayed here indicates something else. After all, she is no longer in politics but the cauldron still bubbles. Is it her looks, the fact that she hunts or that such a large part of this country can relate to her? Palin's following seems to engendered a real fear amomg our liberal brothers and sisters.

Eliezer Thu. Jan 7, 2010

"Palin's following seems to engendered a real fear amomg our liberal brothers and sisters."

umm....maybe because she's meshugga? and what's crazier is the fact that she DOES have a following, OF COURSE people are scared of her. We're scared of this cult of willful ignorance that has taken grasp in America. Please look up the youtube video of people at Palin's book signing. Please.

Shalom in NJ Thu. Jan 7, 2010

I'm not buying the assertion that Jewish women's dislike has anything to do with her intelligence---otherwise where's the intense dislike for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi? It certainly doesn't explain the extreme nastiness--such as Sandra Bernhart's wonderful shtick about her 'brothers' in Harlem raping Palin if she goes to NY. If it was about her intelligence, though, it would merely demonstrate a shallow, amoral elitism that is sad to contemplate. 'Liberalism' certainly has nothing to do with 'tolerance'--at least not for anyone who dares to disagree with a 'liberal'.

Shalom in NJ Thu. Jan 7, 2010

To Eliezer: How about the cult of willful ignorance surrounding Obama--the man who owes his political life to the dirty Chicago machine, but was going to bring a new honesty to government? The same man who illegally fires the inspector general of Americorps for looking into corruption! The man whose attorney general declines to prosecute Black Panther racists for a slam dunk case of election intimidation in Philadelphia! The man who thinks that demanding that Israel stop all building in the West Bank is the way to move the peace process forward. The man who flies to Copenhagen to lobby for a Chicago Olympics so that Valery Jarrett's business partners can get richer. The man who promised not to sign any legislation not posted on the internet for 72 hours, and said that the healthcare debates would be shown on c-span. The man who wants to keep an aspiring Hugo Chavez imitator in power in Honduras against the will of the citizens, congress and judiciary of the country. He's great--but Palin, who now holds no elected office is a danger!!??!

George Fri. Jan 8, 2010

This is no surprise. Most young, college-educated Jewish women are no different than their peers. They worship at the Secular Torah of abortion on demand, homosexual marriage etc. Now suddenly these poor brainwashed things are confronted with a woman, college-educated, married with family, who supports everything that they have been taught is 'bad'. . She is pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-homosexual marriage,for the war against islamo-fascism---In other words, a shock to their ideological system. What really galls these women is the popularity which has greeted Sarah. Their Left-wing bubble has been pierced by the realization that, my gosh, not every educated woman shares their beliefs. My gawd, can you believe it! LOL

David Fri. Jan 8, 2010

Shalom & George - right on target!

Unfortunately, some of those people raised and living in the urban and suburban 'golden shtetlach' still retain some of the thinking and fears of their old world grandparents. The thinking is incestuous because of their intellectual isolation.

Amused Fri. Jan 8, 2010

Here is one Jewish Democrat who doesn't hate Sarah Palin. I am disappointed that she dropped out of being the governor of AK and feel that will end her political career. What I continue to watch with wonder is the venom so called liberal women aim at her. The clear message is that only women who sign the oath of Liberal Beliefs are worthy of a public life. I haven't heard discussions in the Jewish press of the unending dumbness of our current Vice matter how much amunition he provides. I am reminded of the woman at my synagogue who recently denounced a group of politicians she met with in Richmond, VA. Apparently they talked with excitement about the opening of hunting season. "What a bunch of rednecks" she exclaimed. Without the hunting comments she met with them as fellow professionals... I have a feeling a lot of the anger directed at Palin is that she dared to be a political success, by going against, the liberal elitest playbook.

Oh, and let us note how well the current crop of liberal, elitest, lawyers and professors are running this country. The latest security debacles, the growing unemployment, the lack of jobs...yes, surely the Best and the Brightest. If the choice is between Sarah Palin and Nancy "Did I say I will clean up the swamp? I meant I'll expand it" Pelosi...I'll take Sarah any time.

Michelle Fri. Jan 8, 2010

Let's see...she's dumb, self-absorbed, anti-intellectual, manipulative, hypocritical, shallow, and a liar. As Debra says, this is the best woman the GOP could find? If either party puts up a candidate as a token ______ (female, black, Jew, whatever), that individual should represent the best and brightest of his/her demographic.

I'm insulted as a woman - not as a Jewish woman - and I say Palin is a shonda fer de maidlach.

George Fri. Jan 8, 2010

'Let's see...she's dumb, self-absorbed, anti-intellectual, manipulative, hypocritical, shallow, and a liar'.

You've perfectly described that quintessential dimwit, Nancy Pelosi. She's dumb as rocks, her stretched-way-too-tight face lift speaks to her self-absorbtion, if there's any trace of intellectuality in anything she's ever said, I've yet to hear it, and of course, as is required of all Liberal Left female politicos,like Pelosi they absolutely must be manipulative, hypocritical, shallow(has there ever been anyone as shallow as Pelosi?) and consumnate liars.

cantorpenny Fri. Jan 8, 2010

Bill Pearlman: ... She walks the walk on abortion ...

No, she doesn't. Her *walk* on abortion is that she was grateful for her daughter to have the choice, while the bottom line for her and others who think like her would be to deny that choice to other women. All she did was make a decision, the same right that all women deserve.

george Fri. Jan 8, 2010

So Bill Perlman is a JforJ? If true disgusting; probably only slightly more disgusing than JforL. Who are they: the Jews who gave up their Judaism in exchange for the worship of Liberalism. In a couple of generations the decendants of JforJ and JforL will all be gone. And why do Jewish women (actually the JforL) hate Palin? Easy, because she proves that liberalism is a fraud - Palin achieves it all - family, children, career, major success, and she does it as a conservative - so unlike our JforL women who give up marriage, family and values in exchnage for professional success; Palin shows they made a stupid and unnecssary bargain with devil.

menachem Sat. Jan 9, 2010

Leave it to George to defend his fellow JforJs!

But then, what do you expect from someone who is a HUGE Pat "Amen corner") Buchanan supporter?

George Sat. Jan 9, 2010

Leave it to George to defend his fellow JforJs!'

No, that's not 'George' defending, it's 'george'

george Sat. Jan 9, 2010

george = committed believing jew = loves palin = moderate/libertarian = hates jforj. Got it? george

george Sat. Jan 9, 2010

george = committed believing jew = loves palin = moderate/libertarian = hates jforj. Got it? george

george Sat. Jan 9, 2010

and btw, pat buchanin is an evil pro hitler anti semite, unfortunately joined in the anti semitic department by a slew of "Jews": Chompsky, Finkelstein, the JStreet group, much of "Jewish" acadamia and the mainstreammedia, etc. We have an awful lot of enemies, but with G-d's help we will prevail!

Georg Starkermann Sun. Jan 10, 2010

Let's face it. Jews are Democrats and if Hitler ran as a Democrat, the Jews would have voted for him as well. This sounds absurd, but just look at the 79% of American Jews who voted for an admitted hater of Jews and of Israel, Mr. Barack HUSSAIN Obama. Now how stupid can a group of people get. We have no idea where he was born or even where he went to school. His college transcripts are sealed and his birth certificate is missing. Obama's associates are all rabid Jew haters, real anti-semites, yet the Jews en masse voted for this man. Now take Sarah Palin. She represents the middle class, she has a hard working husband who is not ivy league educated, children one of which had a child out of marriage, normal everyday people dealing with normal problems that can and does happen to us. Most Jews are left wing/socialists who seem to live in a dreamworld. They think that if they convert, or become ultra reform and super liberal, the gentiles will love them. It just isn't going to happen. Anyone who comes out as pro Israel, is someone that these liberal Jews would shy away from, but to support the Palestinian murderers, these Liberal Jews would go to the ends of the earth to help. Ms. Palin as most Christian conservatives supports Israel and the Jewish People. I wish I can say the same for the Jews.

geo Sun. Jan 10, 2010

George, while I was about to endorse much of what you said above, I decided to Google your prior comments and found this: It is true that the German Army along with the some of the people living in Germany has a few bad apples within their midst, but on the whole they were the exception. The average German citizen was appalled by events as they unfolded.

Frankly, that sentiment makes anything you say here devoid of merit and to be ignored. Any apologist for the Nazis and Germans of WWII fame is either an anti semite who hates Jews or someone so stupid as to be unworthy of reading. I hadn't realized you fell into the Pat Buchanin camp of anti Semites.

Yes, Jews are as stupid regarding their political views as they are bright in everything else: but we are not so stupid that the stench of anti semitism does hit our nostrils - attended any Brown Shirt meetings lately?

Georg Starkermann Sun. Jan 10, 2010

TO Geo & Others...You are wrong to think that the Germans had a few rotten apples in their midst who went along with Hitler and his cronies. That's pure rubbish. The majority of the German People well into the 90% range were only too glad to rid the nation of its Jews and other so called "Untermenschen"Make no bones about that. "The Jews are our misfortune" was branded on everyone's head. Not from the time of the Holocaust from 1933 to 1945, but for all of German history. The only way for Jews to gain acceptance into Liberal German society was to convert to Christianity, much like in the USA today. If you honestly think that in Nazi Germany there were a few bad apples then I can only think how truly brainwashed you really are. Regardless of all the Nobel prizes awarded to German and Austrian Jews, they still were reviled as a people. Even at the end of the war when the Jews were forced on their death marches back to Germany, the local people beat these starving people to death, spit on them, and made their lives miserable. Were these the few rotten apples that you are referring to? You remind me of the liberal Jews down the street who were appalled that Black People were moving into their neighborhood. You don't see too many Blacks living in the Hamptons do you?

Florence Mathews Sun. Jan 10, 2010

Allow this non-Jewish woman to offer her opinion of Palin: yes, she is dumb...dumber than my hairdresser who has never voted, reads only supermarket tabloids and watches nothing beyond TV shopping channels. Dumb but crafty? As Governor of Alaska, Palin claimed a “per diem” expense allowance of $60.00 per night for hundreds of nights when in fact, she never showed up for work at her office in the Alaska state capitol of Juneau. How about being just a plain low-down mean liar? McCain may be no Nixon but Palin can stake her claim as a genuine "Spiro Agnew in heels." Recall her vicious attack on Barrak Obama's patriotism by way of trying to smear him with the former radical Bill Ayers with whom he never had a personal relationship: Her quote: "Yes, USA! USA! Our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country." The only thing that troubles one more than the vapid and clearly stupid Palin herself are the damn fools out there who continue to defend this woman who now serves best as a national embarrassment. For myself, Palin actually makes my hair hurt.

Georg Starkermann Sun. Jan 10, 2010

To Florence Mathews: You are 100% correct. Unless you are a graduate of a Ivy League School, you must be considered a dumb schmuck. After all it is the elite who rule and they are the ones who graduated from the best of the best. Since Sarah Palin graduated from the University of Iowa, she must be considered stupid, ignorant and obviously an anti-intellectual. I wonder who sounds more like a or I? Barack Hussein Obama claims to have graduated from Harvard, but there is college transcript to prove he even went to that school? I have a feeling that the reason why the transcripts have not been readily available is due to the fact that Obama must have gone to school as a foreign student. If so then he is not an American. If I am wrong, then he lied to get scholarship money. This is your idol that you worship? If so, you need a new life.

Florence Mathews Mon. Jan 11, 2010

To respondent: Kindly be advised that I rule no not a graduate of any Ivy League school nor for that matter, attended college. As a gun owner, coalminer's daughter, former factory worker and married to a former police officer and steelworker I am not familiar with any "intellectuals" and do not care to meet one. What my posting had to do with Nazis or where in hell the idiot Palin or President Obama attended college is beyond me. I worship no one except my God. Go away.

Georg Starkermann Mon. Jan 11, 2010

To Florence Mathews: I am glad that you own a gun, or is it guns. You will need them once the revolution begins that will result in the taking back of our country from foreign subversives. In Silesia there are coal mines, and those folks also have been most patriotic. Good for you. At least we are on the same team. Who knows, maybe you should run for President. You sound just like Sarah Palin. She owns guns, worships one God, and did not attend an ivy league college.

Jack Mon. Jan 11, 2010

The real reason President Obama’s college transcripts are not readily available is because schools are not in the habit of handing out transcripts willy-nilly. Why give away a document for free when graduates will pay for it? When I graduated from Indiana University [a state school, so I can’t be an elitist], Bloomington [ooooh, mebbe I am an elitist!], the registrar granted one [1] transcript gratis with the diploma. When I applied for graduate school, I needed to provide an original transcript —with the registrar's seal— with every application, and I paid for each additional transcript.

When a perfectly legitimate certification of live birth attests Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, why require a college transcript to prove his birth place? When there is ample evidence Obama attended Harvard, e.g. he was president of the Harvard Law Review, v. 104, why require Obama to produce a college transcript? These are only spurious demands for proof from wingnuts like Georg Starkermann, who refuse to accept Barack Obama as President of the United States. Who knows why they reject President Obama’s legitimacy: mebbe they hate him because he’s a Democrat? Mebbe they hate him because he’s African-American? Mebbe they hope to wake up in a world where John McCain has had a stroke and Sarah Palin is acting-president?

So, who sounds more like a Nazi, Georg Starkermann or Florence Mathews? Which one keeps repeating the same preposterous lies, hoping if the lies are big enough and if they’re repeated often enough the public will begin to believe them? I think the answer is obvious.

To return to the subject at hand, why do Jews hate Sarah Palin? One: whether she believes the Armageddon scenario or not, Palin’s public support of Israel panders to those Americans who do believe that the ingathering of the Jews is a necessary prerequisite for Jesus’ second coming. This is no basis for Israel policy. Two: Palin has been lauded for “walking the walk on abortion,” i.e., she gave birth to her pre-term Downs-syndrome son, Trig. While pregnant with Trig, Palin’s water broke the morning before delivering a speech at a governors' forum in Grapevine, Texas. Palin gave the speech then flew back to Alaska, with a layover in Seattle because it was a commercial flight. The Palins then drove ca. 40 miles from Anchorage to Wasilla where she [allegedly] delivered. [] There are hospitals in Grapevine. Heck, there’s a Baylor Regional Medical Center in Grapevine with an neonatal ICU! Palin’s behavior surrounding the birth of Trig was neither wise nor that of a woman who purportedly cares about the life and health of the child she’s carrying.

These are more than sufficient reasons to distrust Sarah Palin.

The 2008 campaign ended over a year ago and Palin left the governor’s office to become a private citizen. One should try to forgive and forget. But Palin refuses to leave the limelight, simultaneously pleading for her privacy, reminding us what a conniving idiot she is. _That_ is what made my distrust of Sarah Palin grow into distaste.

Georg Starkermann Mon. Jan 11, 2010

Jack: A college transcript states where a person was born. If Obama has nothing to hide, then release the transcript. It's as simple as that. What has the man to hide? Secondly, do we really have an African American President, or a Coloured President. After all Obama's mother was white. White plus Black makes one coloured. Now if he is indeed African, perhaps that reveals his birthplace, and not Hawaii as some suggest. Finally, If we cross our fingers, Sarah Palin will be the next President of the USA. Now I know you will leave the USA, which is good as the USA does not need any more leftists. Good luck on your move. By the way, you could always move to Germany, we would welcome you with open arms.

Jack Tue. Jan 12, 2010

Amazingly enough, Georg, a birth certificate also indicates where one was born. Barack Obama has provided his [they called them “certification of live birth” in 1961 Hawaii] and it has passed inspection by all relevant bodies. House Resolution 593 —passed unanimously— even refers to President Obama’s birth in Hawaii. Dayenu.

But, for yucks, let’s say Obama provides his Harvard transcript. It will indicate that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, US. What’s next? Demanding his marriage license? Demanding his medical records? Ad nauseum demands to prove what no sane person questions? All it will prove, Georg, is that you and your ilk are idiots.

And “coloured”!? What an apartheidish little racist you are, Georg!

Georg Starkermann Tue. Jan 12, 2010

Jack: No one in the USA has a legitimate authorized copy of Obama"s birth certificate. We have a make believe copy that looks way different than every other legitimate birth certificate issued by the State of Hawaii. Let's see the real one, and then we can decide what is real and what is not. Secondarily, if you mix a white woman with a black man, or vice-versa, you either have a Coloured or Mulatto individual. What makes this person African American? Assuming you are correct in Obama being born in Hawaii, then he must be Hawaiian American. If you are Jewish, then you should be called by all rights Asian American, as the Khazars were your ancestors, and they lived on the Asian continent. Do you consider your self Asian? Asian American? Every Jew I ever encountered anywhere loved to eat Chinese food, does that prove their Asiatic ancestors?

george Wed. Jan 13, 2010

George, you write well and have a fine grasp of facts, but you realize you are a nutcase, right?

And btw, with regard to the Birthers out there, what's the explanation for the local Hawaii papers printing Obama's birth announcement contemporaneously with his birth - unless of course aliens have gone back in time to rewrite the newspapers of that era.

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