Shabbat Dinner With Sarah Palin

By Michael Kaminer

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  • Share Share isn’t a web site for people who adore Old Testament matriarchs. Nor is it a fan site for the Semitic star of “Sex and the City.”

Nope, is the home for Hebrews who support Sarah Palin. And on the still-active site of the defunct New York Sun newspaper, its director — who also oversees the organization Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin (JASP?) — offers a rose-colored account of his face-to-face encounter with “the Hockey Mom from Wasilla” herself.

“As we enjoyed our Shabbat meal, we listened to Mrs. Palin’s references to ‘Judeo-Christian values,’” reported Benyamin Korn. “Mrs. Palin spoke of how the family is the building block of society and how strong families mean a strong nation.” We’re assuming she means only “Judeo-Christian” families; we’re also assuming she didn’t mention her own clan, whose antics have provided a less-than-ideal role model of “traditional” family life.

“For the most part, our Shabbat with Sarah Palin transcended politics,” Korn added, rather disingenuously. And in a creative interpretation of Jewish scripture, Korn compareed Palin to a biblical heroine who saved her people from doom. “For us it was a memorable and moving shabbat, full of songs and prayers, hearty food, and our plans and dreams for bringing back home the message of our American Esther.”

In related news, The New York Times’ Gail Collins wrote this week of Palin’s other values. “In her spare time, the former governor of Alaska is making speeches at $75,000 a pop. To which she must be flown first class, as per her standard contract, or in a private plane that ‘MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger.’”

And daughter Bristol Palin is set to traipse around on a new season of Dancing with the Stars.

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