J.J. Goldberg

Vatican and the Jews: The Pius Spat, The Pious Spit

By J.J. Goldberg

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A new blog post by John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter, routinely described as the most authoritative English-language journalist covering the Vatican, reports on a seldom-discussed irritant in Catholic-Jewish relations: Haredi youth spitting on robed Catholic clerics on the streets of Jerusalem. Here’s an excerpt:

Jews move to halt spitting at Christians in Jerusalem

Globally speaking, the most serious new tension dividing Jews and Catholics is Pope Benedict XVI’s decision just before Christmas to advance the sainthood cause of Pius XII, the wartime pontiff whose alleged “silence” on the Holocaust has long been a subject of polarizing historical debate.

On the ground in Jerusalem, however, Jewish/Christian animus has a much more prosaic cause: spitting.

Recently, the Jerusalem Post carried a piece quoting Rabbi David Rosen, a veteran of Catholic/Jewish dialogue, acknowledging that incidents of ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting at priests, nuns and other Christian clergy is “a part of life” in Jerusalem. Such incidents have been occurring for the last twenty years and are now on the rise, according to the story, although they appear to be limited to Jerusalem.

The piece quoted a Texas-born Franciscan, Fr. Athanasius Macora, who heads the Christian Information Center inside the Jaffa Gate, who said that he’s been spat upon by ultra-Orthodox Jews as much as fifteen times in the last six months — not only in the Old City, but also outside his Franciscan friary.

Aside from being disgusting, how serious a problem is this? On one hand, the victims quoted in the post say it’s an annoyance and they’re used to it. On the other hand, Allen mentions it in the same breath as the Pius XII sainthood feud; coming from someone like Allen, that’s a pretty strong hint that the Vatican is peeved. Indeed, the fact that Allen is reporting this means it’s on the minds of Vatican players.

All of which brings up two troubling thoughts:

First, Allen reports approvingly on — and reprints in full — an open letter from the Bet Din Tzedek (known to the locals as Badatz), the highest authority in the Haredi community, urging steps to end the practice. The operative words: “We hereby call upon anyone who has the power to end these shameful incidents through persuasion, to take action as soon as possible to remove these hazards, so that our community may live in peace.” What Allen (and, in all likelihood, the Vatican officials who steered him to this story) don’t seem to realize is that when Badatz wants to stop something, they don’t go around appealing to “anyone who has the power” or urging “persuasion.” If they want something stopped, they forbid it in a halachic ruling, and that generally stops it dead. If they don’t rule against it, it’s a signal that they aren’t very serious.

Second: Read through the reader responses on the blog. They are as instructive as the report itself, if not more so. They range from “This is the latest in the age-old persecution of Christians” to “This is the least of their sins [emphasis added]. The biggest is when they kicked the Palestinians out of their own homeland” to “All the so called Palestinians are from other arab countries” to “bringing up minor infractions like spitting serves to obfuscate the serious tension between the Church and the Jewish Communities … over the proposed sainthood of Pius XII” to “Yes, spitting is despicable, but not quite as despicable as 2000 years of Catholic inspired abuse on Jewish Communities” to “a pope who is about to be ‘sainted’ should have put his life on the line in fighting nazism … had he done so, he would have been killed” to “Fine, go ahead and spit on us and just see who will be there to defend you; not me. In fact your hateful and shameful behavior toward us reminds me of the Chief Rabbi’s who condemned Jesus to death.”

It’s just full of historical goodies like that! Check it out …

Miriam Chartier Sat. Jan 9, 2010

The infallible Pope! After rome conquered the world, the paganism that had spread from Babylon and developed into various forms, was merged into the religious system of Rome, including the idea of SUPREME PONTIFF OR PONTIFIX MAXIMUS. BABYLONIAN PAGANISM which was originally been carried out under the rulership of Nimrod was united under the rulership of one man of Rome: Julius Caesar. It was Julius C aesar that recognized as the PONTIFIX MAXIMUS of the MYSTETY RELIGION---now re-established at Rome to this day.

So clever was this mixture, this merger of paganism and Christianity that ONE man was now looked to by both pagans and professing Christians as HEAD! He was liiked to by the Church as bishop of bishops; whild the pagans regarded him their PONTIFIX MAXIMUS, now their making the latest a SAINT, the POPE!

The Pope...other SHADOWS FROM OTHER TIMES. tHE NEPHILIM/ MYTHOLOGY CONNECTION.....the offsping that become great men of renown. Read Genesis 6:1-4.

If the root is evil, then there is no good in it! Their roots are rooted in ancient Greek, egyptian and Babylonian religions. And all of these are simply false, even though their own sources the ancient myths, endlessly reworked are themselves rooted in some truth. But nevertheless if a apple fell in dung we would not pick it up and eat of it, for it has been defiled, and never would you give it in praise and worship the the Holy, Holy, Holy G-D of Heaven and Earth.

Again, the net result of all this is that many po;ytheistic religious, rooted in pagan worship rituals and customs have been handed down through the generations and are still with us. Their sacred stories attempt to convince mankind that othet beings are the real god, worthy of honor and homage, instead of the G-D of All That Is....our Most High.

It is sad, very sad, that the lie and deceit is belived by them...and they do not know...what has been done to them.

Though you might think rational people would know better by now, they keep falling for it! I have seen people, keep the customs and rituals of a family and having the fear that the family would turn their heads form them....that they keeped the Truth from letting them know Wisdom in the Hidden Part. Many put up huge sums of money to explore these rediculous myths and this false religions, and with reverence on the perilous assumption that even if it's wrong it cannot possible be harmful.

Read...what is written even in their own bibles as well as ours... Jeremiah 10....Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, house of Israel: Thus saith the LORD, Learn NOT the way of the HEATHEN, and be NOT dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the HEATHEN are dismayed at them. For the CUSTOMS OF THE PEOPLE are VAIN: for one cutteth a TREE out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are upright as the palm TREE, but speak not: they must need be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil , neither alos is it in them to do good. Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O LORD; thou art great, and thy name is great in might. Who would not fear thee, O King of Nations? for to thee doth it appertain: forasmuch as among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto thee. But they are altoghther brutish and foolish: THE STOCK IS A DOCTRINE OF VANITIES.

The One True G-D of All That Is....always moves us aheas forward into the kind of deeper relationships that involving increased blessings that leads us into sonship and our inheritance leading toward betrothal.

G-D'S method is to slowly and methodically invest us with increasing levels of covenant, with increasing levels of responsibility and authority. Isaiah 9...and the goverment will be on his shoulders. He does not give us anything to do for which He hasnot already given us the tools. G-D doses not send us anywhere we havenot been prepared to go. Now many people instinctively enter into the covenant of day and night putting G-D'S will in all they do and say. These are the the sons of G-D that are brought forth and whose lives literally change forever on that day they accept salvation. We walk in the foot steps of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It is said of the Pope he holds the keys of the gates the doors into the garden of Eden. The world is a dark place were all walk in error....mankind beast, and us....we are not diffrent.

For G-D has not turned to us due to our many sins. G-D has clearly called us to sparate outselves form the sins of this world, and separating ourselves form the world means replacing our dependence on our own selves, and our worldly institutions with dependence of G-D. It means revamping and replacing many of our attitudes, loyalties, and entertainment choices with a new commitment to things of G-D.

In Genesis 28...Jacob...made a vow...to G-D.

michael kaplan Sat. Jan 9, 2010

One wrong does not justify another; one does perform evil in response to evil. Remember Tevye, " An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and the whole world ends up eyeless and toothless!"

That many calamities have fallen on the Jewish people, which the Catholic church did nothing to avert, is a horrifying reality of history. Why should modern day priests, however, pay the price for this gross injustice? It is like those Jews who refuse to purchase products made in Germany because of the Shoah. This generation of germans, like modern day Catholic priests and nuns, are not responsible for the horrors of the Nazi regime, nor can spitting atone for the millions of Jews that were slaughtered in innocent blood.

We are a righteous people and should live in accordance with Scripture, which teaches, in Leviticus 19:18, to love our neighbor as ourselves." We must live above the law of the jungle, where animals react instinctively to danger.

This act of spitting is despicable and punitive action is warranted. Besides being wrong, it is very unclean and can spread disease rapidly. Shame on the Hasidim who have allowed themselves to stoop to these levesl. They are not better than a caged animal and are a stench in the nostrils of HaShem.

Brad R Sun. Jan 10, 2010

I agree that we should not follow the example of the Christians.

Brad R Sun. Jan 10, 2010

I agree that we should not follow the example of the Christians.

Josh Mon. Jan 11, 2010

In the frenzied Zionist-Muslim/Arab dispute people seem to forget that even if God-forbid Iran nukes the entire Israel- it would still be Christians who slaughtered more of our people throughout the last hundred years. I just think that if the Hasidim recognize this while they spit than they, as they more often than not seem to, demonstrate feelings that most Jews find easier to relinquish.

Miriam Chartier Tue. Jan 12, 2010

We are not as we were to be.....

It is written in Deutetonomy 28 a vew vers up from the covenant.

It is written....Deu. 28...Keep therefore the WORDS OF ---THIS---COVENANT, and do them, that ye may prosper in all thay ye do.

Ye stand this day "all of you" before the LORD your G-D; your captains of your tribes, your elders, and your officers, with all the men of Israel, Your little ones, your wives, and thy stranger that is in thy camp, from the hewer of thy wood unto the drawer of thy water: That thou shouldest enter into covenant with the LORD thy G-D, and into his oath, which the LORD thy G-D maketh with thee this day: That HE MAY ESTABLISHED ther to day for ---A PEOPLE-- unto himself, and that he may be unto thee a G-D, as he hath said unto thee, and and as he sworn unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. ----NEITHER---WITH---YOU ---ONLY--DO--I--MAKE--THIS---OATH; But with him that standeth here with us this day before the LORD our G-D and also with him that is not here with us this day:

We were all to come under this covenant...and due to not puttting sin out...we failed G-D. And the world walk in error as well as us.

David, led us down the path that G-D gave him to show us. We are the small stones that G-D is building his temple that put sin out.

Ps. 101:1-8 David puts sin out of his life. I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O LORD, will I sing. I will behave myself wisely in a PERFECT WAY. O WHEN WILT THOU COME UNTO ME?

We are to have two breaths...one is given below, and the second is given above.

It is written...Job 33 The Spirit of G-D make me(below, flesh, death due to sin, dust) but the breath o f the Almighty gives me life.(above, a child is give up to Us(G-D,)Isaiah 9, and the Declare decree given David...Ps. 2 were he was brought forth or begotten or birth, as a son of G-D---the second breath.

We are to come into this covenant, Obey,as holy priest, and care for the fire of heaven...that burns in the very heart of G-D'S desire for us to return to Him. David tells of this desire in Ps. 51 we read.

as it is written....Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the HIDDEN PART thou shalt make me know wisdom. The inward parts---our hearts and minds that G-D will place the two sided tablets that Moses and the people right down to our generation has rejected, due to not putting sin out of their lives and the world G-D created, for us. The Hidden Part, is the House of G-D found in Gen. 28 were Jacob could only enter in peace with out sin, for G-D wars on sin, and drove it out form the kingdom of G-D.

David tells about this temple, the hidden part, the house of G-D, the Stone.

Psalm 118...The Stone the builders REJECTED has become the CAPSTONE; the LORD has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes.

We are the small stones that are placed down on this foundation that alway was that G-D is building, with a remnant from every generation, that returned and put sin out of their lives.

Amos 9..speaks what G-D has done....I will rise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen. David made a tent to keep G-D'S tabernacle in below and moved it in to battle. We are the tabernacle that G-D now can dwell in covered with skin we house the hidden part, the law is written on our hearts and the covenant the document is everon our minds, we light the desire of our hearts and minds with the fire that burns in G-D'S own heart for us to return, taking care sin does not blow out the flame, day and night we keep it burning.

Jer. 31...you can read what G-D has done....he has sow the house of Isreal and the house of Judah with the seed of man, and with the seed of beast. The world is in chaos....and G-D is bring in order to his creation, the work of His hands. Be a light to the world, so that they may want your G-D .

Brett Thu. Jan 14, 2010

Looks like you have plenty of "historical goodies" on your own blog:

"It was Julius C aesar that recognized as the PONTIFIX MAXIMUS of the MYSTETY RELIGION---now re-established at Rome to this day."

Miriam Chartier Sun. Jan 17, 2010

After Rome conquered the world, the paganism that had spread from Babylon and developed into various forms, was merged into the religious system of Rome, including the idea of a Supreme Pontiff or Pontifix Maximus. Thus , Babylonian paganism which had originally been carried out under the rulership of NBimrod, was united under the rulership of one man at Rome---Julius Caesar. It was the year 63B.C. that Julius Caesar was officially reognized as the "PONTIDIX MAXIMUS" of the MYSTETY RELIGION now re-established at Rome. As is well know this title and office was then held by each of the Roman emperors fro many years.

Other Roman emperors including CONSTANTINE continued to hold this office. When the emperor Gratian, for Christian reasons, refused to be the Pontifix Maximus because he saw that such a title and office was idolatrous and blasphemous.

By this time, however the bishop of Rome had arisen to political power and prestige. Did not many consider Rome the most important city of the world? why then should not its bishops be BISHOP OF BISHOPS and Head of the church? So, many of the worldly minded religious leaders of thei period reasoned. and so, as more and more compromises were made between Christianity and paganism, the bishop of Rome came into great prominence. Not only was he considered an improtant person by the fallen church, but because so much paganism had been mixed into the Romish churxh, he was also a man of acclaim to the pagans! In 378, Demasus, bishop of Rome was elected the "Pontifix Maximus--the official High priest of the Mysteries!

So the title of Supreme Pontiff or Pontifix Maximus which the Pope bears, is obviously not a christian designation, for it roots are pagan---coming from emperors of Rome. In addition to this evidence there is much more...The successor of the line of High Priest of paganism that originated in Babylon, along with the garments that the Popes wear such garments are patterned after those of Roman emperors. and all the vestments of the clergy were legacies from pagan Rome. The tiara that the Popes wear identical in shape to that worn by the "gods or angels that are shown on ancient pagan Assyrian tablets.

It is written...Hosea 13:1-3 " they sin more and more, and have made them molten images of thrir silver, and idols according to their OWN UNDERSTANDING (not not G-D'S truth and wisdom Ps.51) all of it the work of the craftsmen: they say of them, Let the men that sacrifice KISS the calves". Again, we need not think it strange that along with other heathen practices that were absorbed into Catholicism, that kissing and idol has also become a part of the system. The righ the pope has is Kissed every day. Isaiah 46:6-7 'They lavish gold out of the bag, and weigh silver in the balance, and hire a goldsmith; and he maketh it a god: they fall down, yea, they worship. They bear him upon the shoulder, they carry him, and set him in his place, and he standeth; from his place shall he not remove. "

Isaiah...speaks of the processions continued in Rome church with the pope...the pope lives high and is lavished and the riches of the world are there. The pope is carryed upon the shoulders of men in religious processions. Pope processions of today and pagan processions of Egypt over three thousand years ago, one in the same...

Unlike the Greek and Hebriws, the Romans did not use all of their alphabet for numbers. They used only SIX letters: D, C, L, X, V, AND I. All other numbers were made up of combinations of these. It is interesting and perhaps significant to notice that the six letters that make up the ROMAN numeral system when added together total exactly 666! D-500, C-100, L-50,X-10, V-5, I-1=666

Turning to scripture we find that King Solomon each year received 666 talents of gold --1 Kings 10:14 . This wealth played an important part in leading him astray.

Note..also the word "euporia", from which the word WEALTH is translated also total --666. There is still one more word that has numerical value and that word is "paradosis", translated TRADITION. The two great corruptors of mankind....in all religions. Jewish also.

Grif Fri. Jan 22, 2010

Goldberg asks "how serious a problems is this?" What, are you nuts? Have you learned nothing, or does what you have learned apply only to Jews?

As has been previously reported in Haaretz these priests have also been physically assaulted and beaten, their churches defaced with Mogen Davids, and Christian cemeteries vandalized, crosses broken off and Mogen davids spraypainted on the tombstones.

Does this remind you of any previous period in history? Do you have to wait until a priest is murdered before you realize how serious the problem is?

Bill Sun. Jan 24, 2010

Sickening. Is this sanctioned by Talmud? Torah? Which has prominence here? What do we know?

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