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Yid Vid: Sephardic and Ashkenazic, Haredi and Hip-Hop-ish, Who Says We All Can’t Get Along?

By Daniel Treiman

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Orthodox pop phenom Gad Elbaz and Israeli reggaeton artist Alon de Loco built a bridge in song:

Now, into my e-mail inbox comes further proof of the power of music to bring people together. Indeed, it is powerful enough even to overcome the narcissism of minor differences:

Jack Hirschfeld Fri. Dec 12, 2008

Such a pleasure to see Jews of all kinds enjoying themselves while overcoming differences. And imagine! they even located a woman to make couscous! Such generosity of spirit!

joel kauffman Fri. Dec 12, 2008

Haven't seen anything like this before. Just great.

david Sat. Dec 13, 2008

Chinese? in critical things, what would they say? Safed: Dr. Hu, Do you insist Communism or not? Dr. Hu: As far as I know, Bush kept low key. Safed: Will Chinese military leaders impose custidy on you? Dr. Hu: You know, Lenin nearly married a US citizen with no green card. Safed: Dr. Hu, do you think if it is possible we could do fair business in China or at least China won't bother us? Dr. Hu: I believe North Korea women like the cell phone made in South Korea.

Laura Sat. Dec 13, 2008

Yeah, apparently the one thing they can agree on is that women will not be seen in their videos. Just drives home the point that women are no better off in Orthodox Judaism than in Islam or fundamentalist Christianity. Thank God I'm Reform!

Tehillah Mon. Dec 15, 2008

Laura, once again, what is the problem? sorry girl, "this is not about you !!" the message that is being convey is about the division that exist between the groups CAN come together. This is not about females, we don't want the message to get lose in the images of a female shaking her bootie all over the place. Then the message will get lost, in case you don't have a clue what that message is. Yes, I am happy you are Reform, really. I am happy , that you are happy.

Laura Tue. Dec 16, 2008

Why would you assume that to show a woman automatically equals "shaking her bootie"? Women are 50% of the population, not some incidental afterthought or walking incubators. This is no diversity message if it is showing 2 men with identical worldviews managing to be tolerant enough to get over the minor wrinkle of being from 2 different countries. Real diversity might include a few women also singing or celebrating Shabbat. The fact that even having a woman in the picture (not shaking her butt, rather just not hidden away) seems radical to some is freaky. It is no better than the Taliban.

Chorus of Apes Wed. Dec 24, 2008

Its nice that the boys can get along, but where are the women? Oops, I forgot they are not allowed to sing or dance in public. Camaraderie and oppression make such a lovely pair.

renee hack Wed. Dec 24, 2008

Delightful - I even laughed out loudin spite of everything else going on in this world.

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