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Celebrity-Studded ‘Bark Mitzvah’

By Daniel Treiman

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Fox 5 reports on a new (canine) take on an age-old Jewish tradition.

Kathleen Fri. Aug 29, 2008

I was distressed by what seemed quite blasphemous as a dog "read" the Torah. I love ALL animals dearly, but they're not people. As a Catholic, I don't take my cat to church! This dog-owner needs help.

Leon Freilich Fri. Aug 29, 2008

SERVICES-READY "Today I am a dog," he says, And this is my opinion: He's studied at a Hebrew school And eligible for a minyan.

Grandpa Davy Thu. Aug 28, 2008

I could not resist!!

Raphael Tue. Sep 16, 2008

How dare we stand idly by as the Goy press gleefully reports on the excesses of the rich idiots in our midst?!? Forget accusations of blasphemy - this video shames our whole community and everything we hold sacred. We should be publicly repudiating this fool and his dog and distancing ourselves from him, rather than snickering behind our hands or cooing about what a cute dog Elvis is. For that matter, why not insist that this Mr. Best make some sort of reparations? If he can afford a star-studded gala for his dog, he can surely afford to stock a synagogue in a poor community with siddurim, provide scholarships for underprivileged Jewish kids to attend Hebrew school, or help a fledgling congregation build its first sanctuary. All of these would be a much better use of his fortune, and he owes at least this much to make up for such a shanda.

sheela Wed. Oct 22, 2008

Let me get this straight... two people deeply in love, who want to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives, and want their commitment to be recognized in the presence of Gd, are somehow "violating the sanctity of marriage" if they both happen to be the same sex... But a doggie Bar Mitzvah is okay!?!?!?

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