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Babs on Barack: He’s Kosher on Israel

By Daniel Treiman

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Entertainer extraordinaire and Hollywood liberal stalwart Barbra Streisand fields some questions from Politico on the 2008 presidential campaign. Among other tidbits, there’s this exchange:

POLITICO: There’s been a lot of discussion about Israel during this race so far. Should this issue have a major place in this year’s election?

STREISAND: Issues of foreign policy have a place in every election for President. As a woman, a Jew, and a strong supporter of Israel, I am confident Sen. Obama is committed to Israel’s safety and security.

Famed philosemite and McCain booster Jon Voight, however, is less keen on him (though not necessarily for reasons having to do with Jews).

Bruce Landman Tue. Sep 9, 2008

Please everyone - read Mayor Ed Koch's srong endorsement of Barack Obama. It is quite influenced by Sarah Palin's anti-Jewish beliefs. Ed Koch is a very thoughtful person before he makes an endorsement. Please, please, share this with your Jewish friends.

TKOtonite Tue. Sep 16, 2008

Why of course! Barack HUSSEIN Obama who was raised a Muslin and went to Wahabbi school in Indonesia and now says he's a [half-ass] Christian by osmosis. Who thinks Iran is just a little tiny country that's building nukes in order to toast marshmallows. And thinks Hamas and Hezbola are basketball teams from the Mid-East. Yes, He'll make a fine friend of Israel's.

Alexandra Wed. Oct 22, 2008

Obama's meteoric rise to power, despite his inexperience, socialistic agenda and his friends/spiritual advisor’s hate toward America, whites and Jews, has never been question by most of the media. The bias and control press we have in this country is dangerous to our democracy. Obama socialist views of entitlement will only solidify my belief that we are loosing as a nation. We can never fault a man for what others have said around him, but when those others are his spiritual advisors, friends, mentors, suppliers of money, then we have to question his judgment. Why didn't he object to it, why didn't he walked out on it? I believe the reason he lives on the same street as Ayer and Farakkan is because he has found his comfort zone. There is a significant voter registration fraud going on in this country with the help of Acorn, an organization that is in bed with Barack Obama. If Obama wins, America loses. "When the character of a man is not clear to you look at his friends" - Japanese proverb

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