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Jeffrey Goldberg and Michael Chabon on Sandler’s ‘Zohan’: ‘The Worst Movie’ But Quite Enjoyable

By Daniel Treiman

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Not to be too self-referential (as if there’s any such thing), but I’d just like to point out that in my recent paean to Adam Sandler’s (goyish) wit and (Jewish) wisdom, I rendered the following verdict: “‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan’ is a stupid movie; I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Now, I’m happy to report, actual famous people with actual accomplishments to their names are actually expressing similar sentiments. New Yorker writer turned Atlantic uber-Jew Jeffrey Goldberg reports on his incessantly Jew-y blog:

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan is the worst movie I’ve ever seen, though it was better than Munich.

Okay, I liked it. So what? Who doesn’t like a hummus joke? Or 37 hummus jokes? It turns out that Michael Chabon also thought it was the worst movie he’s ever seen, and he enjoyed it very much as well….

You can enjoy Chabon and Goldberg’s silly e-mail exchange on the topic here.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan

Jack Thu. Jun 26, 2008

Michael Chabon noted: "...My wife (born in Israel), and me. Nobody else in the theater (Emeryville, matinee) was really laughing about the hummus toothpaste." The same thing happened to me and my wife. We were sitting with two other MOTs at the matinee in Bryan, TX (next door to Texas A&M, so it's not that provincial). Sex jokes, gay jokes without Yiddish, slapstick: everybody laughed. Hummus jokes, ubiquitous orange soda jokes, gay jokes with Yiddish, sabra jokes: just we four laughed. What did I think of the movie? I laughed, I cried, I crapped myself! The only thing “Zohan” lacked was a Blue Bunny ice cream concession.

Yehudis Sat. Jun 28, 2008

Is nobody onto the fact that Chabon cracked a joke with that "Tzabar Regel" hackeysack enthusiast? The name means "sabra foot."

Budd Margolis Thu. Jul 31, 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan is SOOOOO BAAAD, it has successfully transcended crass and zevel and has become great, funny, witty and insightful. This film is a belly buster and a half. Thankfully we can still laugh at ourselves. And this is hummus humour at its best.

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