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Everybody’s ‘Pro-Israel’ Nowadays

By Daniel Treiman

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From Republicans to Democrats and Aipac to JStreet almost everybody in the American political mainstream says they’re “pro-Israel” nowadays. Heck, if you define pro-Israel as supporting Israel’s right to exist, even Jimmy Carter and Walt and Mearsheimer would qualify. That’s why Ha’aretz’s Shmuel Rosner wants to ” dump the term.”

“Without specifics, being ‘pro-Israel’ is almost like being pro-great-weather or pro-tasty-food,” Rosner writes in Slate.

Dave Levy Fri. May 30, 2008

What is being pro-Israel mean anyway, is it that they support the continued existence of the State, a member of the UN for decades, created by the UN, and accepted by most of the planet? Obama says he is for Israel's existence..wowo, isn't that a revelation. But what is he really for? Does he countenance the Palestinians firing over 4,000 rockets and more advanced Grad missiles into southern Israel? Will he take out Iran's nuke sites, with, or without Israel's cooperation and involvement? Will he allow Israel airspace through Iraq? Will the US or Israel take out 3 suspected Syrian nuke sites ASAP? Will Obama continue 30b in military credits to Israel over 10 years? Will the US go for victory in Iraq..thus aiding Israel indirectly against terrorism? Will Obama refrain from talking to Iran and Syria..until they minimally accept our demands to stop supporting terrorism and inciting their people? Sure, it's nice that they support Israel's existence (as if they had a choice). But this is all just empty words, unless backed up by the RIGHT actions.

Mike Dolan Tue. Sep 2, 2008

I think Israel is very vulnerable to a sudden withdrawal of American funds under a Republican administration. As our child Israel has been sucking lavishly (first in line) on the American public trough for over sixty years. I would say to Israel how has it helped the USA by being your ally. For me this alliance has only brought down the wrath of the world. It is fundamentally a stupid alliance formed on guilt and arrogance. If Israel is a country it should proof it by standing alone. In a way it would force the hostile population of all around Israel. To deal with the splendid reality of its actual existence rather than it being regarded as a cold war puppet in an American game to keep the USSR out of the Middle East. The way I see it the only way for Israel to survive independently forever is to cut it's ties to the US in terms of aid and to begin to become not a colony but a true nation.

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