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Jewish War Veterans Aren't Monkeying Around

By Daniel Treiman

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This cover — from the February issue of The Jewish Veteran, the magazine of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America — may very well be the greatest Jewish magazine cover in the annals of our people’s history. And unlike a certain other magazine known for its consistently clever covers, The Jewish Veteran is deploying cleverness, not for the sake of laughs, but on behalf of a very important cause. Bravo!

Daniel Treiman Wed. Feb 27, 2008

I'm very sorry if my post wasn't clear. I was being sincere in my admiration for the magazine cover — an admiration that's rooted in an understanding of the important work that JWV does and my gratitude for the service of our nation's veterans. I added in an additional sentence to this post to make that clear. I'm grateful for your service, Sergeant Kresge! Thanks for commenting, too!

Sergeant Brian Kresge Wed. Feb 27, 2008

I hope this is not sarcasm. As a member of the JWV and as one awaiting deployment to Iraq with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard at the end of this year, it's hard not to be concerned about our benefits during this election season. On the behalf of my own curiosity and the honor of our aging (and dwindling) numbers of Jewish veterans living off of VA entitlements or in VA establishments, I'd truly like to know if this was snark. The JWV fights for Jewish and non-Jewish troops (past, present and future) and while the magazine may not have terrific production quality, it reflects the labor of love of its contributors. If you truly mean that this is the greatest Jewish magazine cover ever, then I appreciate the attention you have called to our benefits.

Bob Zweiman, JWV Past National Commander Tue. Mar 4, 2008

Probably one additional phrase would help - "rhetoric is not action". Which cover deals with a lack of real support for veterans - here and coming back. It would actually apply to most social legislation used to elect but which ends up without action - the poor continue to report poor.

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