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Sticks and Stones…

By Daniel Treiman

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JTA reports:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel a “filthy germ” and a “savage beast.”

Speaking of Hezbollah terrorist chief Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated last week, Ahmadinejad said Israel was behind the death of this “righteous man.”

“The West created a dark and filthy germ known as the Zionist regime, which has attacked the countries of the region like a savage beast,” the Iranian president said in a televised speech.

Now, I’m eagerly waiting for Ahmadinejad’s latest remarks to be explained away by the folks who so helpfully iinformed the world that Ahmadinejad’s previous statement to the effect that Israel should be wiped out was actually misunderstood and that, in any case, it was really nothing to be overly concerned about.

David L Nilsson Tue. Feb 26, 2008

"The West created a dark and filthy germ known as the Zionist regime..." And so, as always, Ahmadinejad clearly distinguishes the present political regime in part of the Holy Land from the Jewish people ("Israel"): a people against whom he has repeatedy said he hss no murderous designs-- and of whom 25,000 live unmolested in Iran, while six or so remain, cowering in terror, in "liberated" Iraq. And, as always, shills for the temporary status quo and political fad called Zionism, such as Daniel Treiman, elide the distinction. They pretend that Jewry and the "state of Israel" are coterminous. They never were and never will be. The Jews will still be around long after the system of Moloch-worship by ethnically Jewish infidels and false Jews called Zionism has become a nightmarish memory.

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