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Yid Vid: Chabon Speaks

By Daniel Treiman

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Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon speaks about the controversy surrounding his book “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union,” how he feels about Israel, getting compared to Philip Roth and being a geek. Crackerjack Judeo-Christian reporter Brad Greenberg asks all the right questions (although I do sort of wish he had asked Chabon whether he loves his wife more than he loves his kids).

drbcohn Thu. Jan 3, 2008

I don't mind the Brad is not Jewish, but he is not religiously even educated in Judaism. This nicey-nicey, "oy gevalt, let's not be too devisive regarding the different between Judaism and a christianity is an absurdity." There is no such thing as anything called Judeo-christian regarding values, common relgious beliefs etc. At their core they are different as night and day. In fact, one could consider the above teaming of the two faiths as nothing other than complete and utter blasphemy in eyes of an observant Jew. Said other way, Jews would never pray to or even think the moshiach was the son of Hashem much less anything else. There are way too many differences between the faiths to even think that there is a shared ethic. Judaism is a religion based not only upon articles of faith but on mitzvot. Mitzvot for chrsitainity have been elminated. Bottom line, we should respect all men; but men, like fish have their own schools they swim with. Brad is not culturally a Jew despite what he says as there is no such thing as a cultural Jew. This is the craziness of American Jews who want to belong to a culture, but lack spiritual insight. There is no separation in Judaism for culture and faith. There are many, many cultures of Judaism who are knitted by faith and observance. I just basically reject the idea of Brad's self description and the Forward's liberal use of the two faiths juxaposed to each other. It is fine to have Brad as a christian who has an interest in Judaism, but I strongly object to his or the Forward's description calling him culurally Jewish. In reality there is no such thing as someone culturally Jewish. Which culture of Judasim is he? He might better serve as the reporter of Judaic relations with christianity. Oy, I am I like too out front.

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