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California Screaming: Ward Churchill Says Zionism = Nazism

By Daniel Treiman

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Disgraced former University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill — best known for labeling the victims of the World Trade Center attacks “little Eichmanns” — has found a second life. Since being fired by his university for “serious research misconduct,” Churchill has cultivated a diverse fan base of left-wing extremists, Chicano extremists and Muslim extremists.

Churchill spoke earlier this week at the University of California at Davis on the topic “Zionism, Manifest Destiny and Nazi Lebensraumpolitik: Three Variations on a Common Theme.” His appearance, according to the campus newspaper, sponsored by Students for Peace & Justice with the co-sponsorship of Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Student Association and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan.

Two things are (particularly) troubling: First, that this crank who sees the victims of 9/11 as the villains (Nazis even!) is being sponsored by the campus’s mainstream Muslim group. (Although this isn’t the first time Churchill has found an eager audience among Muslim students on a California campus.) Second, that the only two groups that bothered to protest were the pro-Israel and Republican student clubs. Are Churchill’s views any less offensive to campus Democrats and students who aren’t pro-Israel activists? (I sort of fear the answer to this question in a campus — and general political — climate in which every issue becomes partisan and polarized.)

Eric Sun. Dec 2, 2007

Wake up, Tremaine. Democrats hate Israel,except for a few of the Jewish ones. All our friends are in the Republican Party. Its just people like you who refuse to face that reality.

Ruth Fri. Nov 30, 2007

Troubling indeed, but it is worth noting that those in attendance attacked and questioned Churchill, demanding that he face up to his monstrous lies and hateful claims. Of course, he refused to do so. It terrifies me that any member of the listed student groups would find coherence in what this man says.

Steven Fri. Nov 30, 2007

It is not at all surprising that the Democrat student group did not protest Churchill. Our universities are indoctrinating our students with leftist philosophy that is anti-American and anti-Israel. This is only a surprise to those Jewish democrats who continue to refuse to accept that the left has taken over the Democrat party and continue to vote for a party that hurts America, is becoming more and more anti-Israel, and a party that doesn't share our Jewish values. Notice how that though there were protests, Churchill was allowed to speak, unlike conservative speakers like Horowitz and Coulter who are shouted down and not allowed to speak. Conservative speakers also need security because of how violent the tolerant Democrats tend to be and yet pieces of scum like Churchill don't need security. Free speech has become a conservative value and certainly not a liberal one as it was in the past. This makes sense because liberals can't defend their positions with morality, fact, and reality so they have to resort to censorship. Jewish Democrats are delusional about their party as are Black democrats but that's another issue.

AriehLebowitz Sun. Dec 2, 2007

SOURCE A 1998 MEChA youth conference at California Polytechnic State University featured a printed program that introduced the school as “Cal Poly State Jewniversity.” The program also referred to New York as “Jew York.” When the Anti-Defamation League objected to the program, the university’s MEChA chapter issued a formal apology. MEChA has also been linked to La Voz de Aztlán (The Voice of Aztlan), a Chicano webzine that regularly publishes articles attacking Jews, Zionism, and Israel.

Truth Sun. Dec 23, 2007

One doesn't have to be a Democrat or Republican, but, an honest historian and observer, to know that Zionism, is not accepted by all Jews, not of Torah, Churchill had no right to give Palestine away, when it had citazens, that Jews are European not Semetic, and that Israel have Superiority Complex, and treats Palestinians as the Nazis treated the Jews.

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