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The Soloveichik Who Could Help Challenge Specter

By Anthony Weiss

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Everybody noticed when Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, the last Jewish Republican in the Senate, switched over to the Democratic Party on April 28. But there was also another, less noted, shift of Jewish power on the same day.

As Politico reported, Republican primary candidate Pat Toomey, a potential Specter opponent in the 2010 Pennsylvania Senate race, hired Nachama Soloveichik to be his new press secretary. Toomey lured her away from the low-tax, limited-government Club for Growth (of which Toomey used to be president).

In a phone interview with the Forward, Soloveichik confirmed that she is indeed an offspring of the famed Soloveitchik rabbinic dynasty, which has produced some of the most important and revered scholars of American Orthodox Judaism. Her great-uncle was Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, known to his followers as “The Rav,” who almost single-handedly forged the framework of Modern Orthodoxy, and who is studied across the spectrum of Jewish thought. Her grandfather was Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik, himself an important Talmudic scholar and the long-time head of Yeshivas Brisk in Chicago.

Nachama Soloveichik said that she had not known The Rav, but said that she was close to her grandfather, as they both lived in Chicago while she was growing up.

Jay F. ("Yaakov") Shachter Thu. May 7, 2009

I express no opinion about the article or the story behind it, but I am grateful to The Forward for informing me what N. Soloveichik has been doing lately. The last I heard of her, before her parents left Chicago a few years ago, was that she was pursuing an advanced degree in Arabic Studies. I expected that by now, she would be working comfortably for the CIA. Then again, maybe she is. -- jf("y")s

Tom Mathews Thu. May 14, 2009

Nachama Soloveichik The only significant issue in this article on Soloveichik is not her rich family history but rather the fact that she was (or is) a member of the radical right-wing "Club for Growth" and who now willingly works for a candidate who is the very anti-thesis of both her venerable ancestors and the Talmudic ethics they so valued. Readers of Anthony Weiss' article might do well to take a look into her boss, the former investment banker, Mr. Toomey and his own positions opposing organized labor, social justice, fair labor standards and tax reform that will benefit nearly all working Americans. They may then be in a better position to evaluate Nachama Soloveichik. Tom Mathews

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