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About That Seventh Commandment...

By Gabrielle Birkner

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So much for the seventh commandment — you know, the one that forbids adultery., which that caters to Orthodox Jews seeking extramarital liaisons, launched on March 19 — and has since attracted a reported 350 people willing pay the site’s $99 registration fee. According to an article in Sunday’s New York Post, the site was the brainchild of a Midwood, Brooklyn-based Modern Orthodox man, who identifies himself as only “Jerry,” and who “says he got the idea from Hasids he met in chat rooms seeking adulterous action.”

The site’s typo-filled homepage beckons would-be members with decidedly immodest photos and promises of privacy: was created with us knowing that in the “frum” community every one is busy all the time to do “mitzvos” and just wanting to discover your identity. taking that in considiration, we have worked extremely hard to avoid any such action and created this site with the utmost security and protection features.

YOU are in charge of who gets to view your info! by just logging on to this site, NOBODY is able to see your REAL information or REAL pictures. everything is held in a private gallery and private storage space that you will be in charge to whom you grant access to!

Featured profiles include that of Hasidic “ChanieS,” partial to “sex, books, massages,” and “Dinah,” a Satmar who, apparently bored with her marriage, is looking for a man with “stamina, passion and muscles.”’s motto: A Jew Can Have Fun Too.

not important Mon. Nov 23, 2009

Hi Gabrielle, great article and now i have another scoop for you. you'll love this one. seems that the site was bought by two religious hucksters who are now closing it down, believing the US is Afghanistan. you might have another column. here's the email i received tonight:

Good evening everyone, Today is the first day we completely took over the site, and its time we can let the cat out. The reason we bought this site, was for one reason and one reason only. TO CLOSE THIS SITE DOWN. And we will not wait one extra minute and get straight to it! The people, who didn’t pay at all, will be booted off the site within 48 hrs. The people who paid for monthly will not be charged again and have access till their month is up, the people who paid for yearly and the people who paid for life might get some period of shaindy time until we close it down (Depending on the outcome of our lawyers legal advice). We must say Jerry was very cooperative with us and in his heart of hearts he never knew this site will grow on such a scale. He did this site as a “dare”, and it exploded into a big site. We are sure he is relived too. Your friends, Barry & Harry For those who feel they need to get a refund, or they believe they need to contact us, we can still be reached at If you feel you deserve a refund, please give us your name, address, and phone number and we’ll have our attorneys get back to you.

LOL NOT SURE WHAT LEGAL ADVICE THEY'RE GETTING BUT THIS ACTUALLY GROUNDS FOR THEM TO BE SUED FOR FRAUD AND RIGHTS INFRINGEMENT. sorry about the caps - wanted to make sure it was distinguished from the rest of the email.


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